denim star garland

Weeks and weeks ago I came up with this clever idea to use up some of the scrap denim (we have BOXES full) and make a new garland for Jackson’s room that would also serve as a nightlight.  He’s my late-night reader and is currently using a flashlight to read by, saving him the trip to turn the light off before drifting into slumber.  Smart, but inconvenient.

After tracing and cutting out six million or so tiny denim stars and pinning them on to a strand of blue LED lights, I could not settle on a way to permanently attach them so I set the project aside and moved on to other things.  You know how that goes.

Fast forward to this week.  All of the sudden I found myself in desperate need of a mindless project to just keep my hands as busy as my thoughts have been racing.  There is far too much on my mind to be able to concentrate on anything complicated.  I decided simple is the way to go, broke out the tacky glue and started pasting my heart out.  It was a little therapeutic, I have to say.

We’ll hang it in his room tomorrow.

photo (37)

photo (39)

photo (40)

photo (38)

I am going to call this my first project of Stash-busting Summer.  I already have a lengthy wish list of beautiful fall fabric but I have to make my way through our piles and piles of collected fabrics first!  Here we go!

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